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Panorama images are a series of photographs stitched together by computer softwear,the softwear

I use in PhotoVista,but I am going to try Ulead Cool 360 very soon.

Some of these panorama are from scanned images and will be marked

Moving panorama
Snow at the station.A view taken from Thetford Railway station on January 30th 2004.
Bradford.A view taken from a hill above Bradford,West Yorkshire
Barnham Common.The common during a sudden snow storm.
Abbey Gardens.The gardens at Bury Sy Edmunds during a snow shower.
Antwerp.A view of the city taken during a trip on the river.
Irish dancers.An Irish dance group perform at the Thetford Carnival in June 2004.


Fixed panorama
The White Cliffs of Dover
View across the Little Ousse River
Ship unloading at Dover
Priory ruins
Winter on the nature reserve
Summer Carnival
Bridge on the nature reserve
Bradford city centre from the National Photography Museum
Bradford from the Wild Boar nature walk
St Edmundsbury Cathedral
The view from Ghent Castle
Antwerp catherdral
The Black Watch docked in Antwerp
The wool market in Ypres
The launch of the Tom Paine trail
Dragon boat racing
Garden 2006

There is also a collage which features 2 panorama images.

Panorama can also be seen online at Photobox.

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